RUNWAY – The Vrattanta Tribe

The RUNway Group is a community of fitness enthusiasts who come together to test their limits physically and achieve new zeniths of their fitness goals. Conceived in 2015, the group was formed by Aparna Prabhudesai whose ambitious nature and passion for running, combined with her innate dedicated nature, led the group to scale into the community it is now. Now under the mentorship of Aziz Master who is an extremely disciplined trainer specialising in training athletes to go from conventional marathon distances to ultras, the group continues with their activities primarily across 3 locations in Pune which include Viman Nagar, Kharadi and Dhanori

With 200+ active runners from all across Pune city, the members, some as young as 7 years old, take part in multiple running and strength training activities which encompasses 4 days of running and a ‘Raagda’ session (plyometrics) on Saturdays which is an intense but rewarding experience sure to make you messy and sweaty!

If you are a seasoned endurance athlete, or just someone looking to have a supporting community to help you stick to your New Year’s resolution of staying active, there is something for you at RUNway. The spectrum of distances covered during the runs varies from every day 5K’s to a whopping 200K+ ultra distance. Members of RUNway have taken part in multiple events as a group with the most recent ones being The Tata Mumbai Marathon, Hell Race-Border Run, TCS World 10K, and a plethora of others. 

RUNway transcends the limits of just being a ‘fitness group’ to that of being a family, a TRIBE. Embedded with values of inspiration, dedication, and discipline; the TRIBE will give you the motivation to help realize your goals and “BE STRONGER THAN YOUR EXCUSES”. 

Join RUNway today and become a new member of the ever-growing TRIBE!