By registering for and participating in events organized by Vrattanta Endurance & Sports, I acknowledge and agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the organizing committee of the event. I understand and accept that the organizers, their representatives, and associated parties will not be held liable for any loss, damage, injury, action, claim, costs, or expenses that may arise as a result of my participation in this event.

I declare that I am in good health and will be participating in the event at my own risk. I affirm that I have obtained and currently hold an insurance policy that covers me for participating in such events. I acknowledge that Chip Timing is the obligatory scoring method for all participants in all race categories and events.

I grant the organizers full permission to use any details, photographs, images, or likeness of me captured before, during, and after the event for publicity and marketing purposes.

I understand that no race results will be provided to participants who do not wear the Timing Chip throughout the races.

I acknowledge that all race events organized by Vrattanta Endurance are physically demanding running events, and I affirm that I am physically fit to at least run the majority of the routes. I understand that this event is not open to those intending to walk the entire event.

I agree that the organizers of the race have the sole discretion to refuse entry, and I accept that their decisions will be final.

I certify that I am over 18 years of age, and I understand that individuals below 18 years are prohibited from participating in any events organized by Vrattanta Endurance & Sports.

I acknowledge that the Organizers reserve the right to cancel or make last-minute alterations to the routes or cancel any race due to FORCE MAJEURE circumstances.

By proceeding with event registration and purchasing a ticket, I hereby acknowledge and accept all the terms and conditions stated in this Participation Disclaimer.