Vrattanta Endurance is thrilled to announce the launch of our extraordinary Runner’s Pledge initiative, where each step a runner takes becomes a powerful force of change.

Join the Vrattanta Runner’s Pledge and make every mile count! For every runner who completes the race within cutoff times, Vrattanta will donate ₹1 for every mile run to a chosen NGO. Lace up, run for change, and make a lasting impact!

Partner for SHU Event

We are extremely delighted to announce our partnership with Muktangan Rehabilitation Centre for our very first event, The Sahyadri Hills Ultra. Muktangan is a rehabilitation center that strives to give individuals suffering from various types of addictions a new chance at life and is committed to providing the best care needed for each individual. Muktangan has been recognized as one of the best institutes in the field of Drug and Alcohol de-addiction and their continued efforts to help individuals reclaim their lives is a vision that we, at Vrattanta, truly believe in.

If this cause resonates with you and you would like to be part of the change, make a donation to help aid their efforts!